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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Writing Down the Bones: Interview Questions for your Characters - Love-Ability

I had planned on posting this last night but ended up waiting until this morning. This is the last installment of the hand out. Now we're dealing with the ability your characters have to love. This one I did reword it a bit.


1.) Do your characters fall in love? Or is it a gradual process? Do they notice when it happens? Do they try to stop it? Why?

2.) Why don't they want to to have love in their lives?

3.) What makes this partner unique to your character? Is there something the partner loves about them that no one else does?

4.) What parts of loving comes easy to your character? What part comes hard?

5.) Are your characters easy to fall in love with? Easy to love? Why?

6.) What dream to they give up when they accept love into their lives? 

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