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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Writing Down the Bones: Interview Questions - In Relation to Others

Here's another segment of the flyer I've been working on. How your character deals with others. Again I don't know who the author is. but felt this was a good one to share so enjoy.

1.) How is your character(s) different with their family(s) than with their friends? How?

2.) How are they different with their lover(s) than anyone else? Do they like being this way?

3.) What scares them about their lover?

4.) What does their lover do for them that no one else does?

5.) Did they have a happy childhood? Has that affected their adulthood?

6.) When they ask for advice, do they normally take it? Why or why not?

7.) What is their initial perception if a stranger? Potential friend? Potential enemy? Someone to be charmed? To be deceived?

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