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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Things People Do

As a writer I watch people. You never know what you can use in a book. My day job, though, is in retail. I'm a manufacturer's rep with the military exchanges. Basically I'm a glorified stocker. I fill up the products I represent. What I have found interesting - and I'm guilty of it too - is the way people migrate to where I'm working. The isle I go to could have been empty for hours. No one cared what was down it, but let me have a cart stacked with items I need to put on shelves and everyone and their uncle will be walking up and down the isle I'm on. They'll ask if they can get by instead of walking around. They'll ask me if I know where something is or what the price is of something.

I find it funny. We all have the mentality of 'ohhh, wonder what she's putting out - I need to see'. We are a curious bunch, aren't we?