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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Writing Down the Bones: Story Construction and Evaluation The Romance Novel Pt 3 - Supportive Characters

A day late again but it's that time for me to work on the next section of the hand out created by Janice Bennett. This session we're dealing with those wonderful supporting characters.


1.)What secondary character(s) do you think you need to create for your manuscript to help your hero and heroine with their overall goal? What character(s) do you need to make that goal harder to reach?

2.) You must ask yourself if the secondary characters and their sub-plot necessary for the book? Is it strong enough to last the length of the book and not overpower your main plot? Does this subplot work well with your main plot?

3.) Are your secondary characters developed and believable? Will your readers remember them? Can you control them so they don't take over?

4.) Are these characters unique? Do they help move the plot along? Do they compliment or contrast each other and the main characters to make the story strong?

next week will be on story structure....

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