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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Writing Down the Bones: Story Construction and Evaluation: The Romance Novel - Part 2

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. Time got away from me...

And we're back for another section of the handout I'm working off of. Once again this came from a handout created by Janice Bennett and I will be updating and putting my own spin on it.

Now we're going to the next section she labeled as the Hero and Heroine Profiles:

You want three dimensional characters. The more of their background you know the stronger your character will be. When stuck ask the next five questions.

1.) Is there a goal for your hero and heroine that can cause them to struggle or make a major sacrifice to reach that goal?

2.) Have you created internal conflicts that would tear your charcaters apart when a major decision must be made?

3.) Does both of your characters have that 'fatal flaw' that can make the opportunity to reach their goal difficult? Is it enough to to build suspense and make your reader doubt they will be successful? And make them happy when your hero and heroine are?

4.) Are your characters matched in their strengths, talents, skills, motives, desires and determination to create a strong conflict?

5.) Can your reader bond with them? Do they draw an emotional response from your reader?

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