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I pulled my books from Mundania and have decided to to try to sell them through other publishers. I'm happy to say the 1st three books I sold to HSWF (now owned by Mundania) have been picked up by Melange Books and will be released through their Satin Books imprint. The rest I'm still working on.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rije's Sacrifice Part 2 @Xaion64

Well my son the writer has written another section of his story. I think he has something unique here. Please enjoy!

Let Me Tell You a Story...

In the far future, a great cataclysm occurs, that sunders the world anew. This is one of many stories in the world after, where hundreds of legends appear.

A man walks in the darkened world. A card floats around him. He wears a black trench coat, and a black pair of eye shields that comes to a point on his cheeks. He is pondering his current situation. And everything that has come before now. He looks at the sky with its sun slowly disappearing.

“How is that new world of yours I wonder...” he sighs. He walks across the disappearing world, wondering what happened here, what was it like before. “Seems I found a planet without the hatred present … how quaint.” He scratches his head. “How many evils will I destroy before the end of this?”

He continues walking and shadows form together in front of him.

“Rije… There you are!” the shadow says in a raspy voice.

“Looks like I spoke too soon, Which dark being from the past are you? ” Rije’s spear appears in his hand. “I’ll end you here, if you like, or shall you run from your apocalypse?”

A man in black samurai styled armor with sharp jagged talon points all over walks out of the shadows. “I am the Demon King of Xaionia! Don’t tell me you forgotten about me Rije … or should I call you R-”

Rije cuts him off. “Don’t. That identity died long ago … it’s time for your end.”

Demon King studies him.  “Heh, oh? I remember that time. You were just a reflection of her … you hated her so much, you wanted to destroy her. You even helped me to that end!”
Rije looks annoyed. “My Past… DIES Here!” His eyes fill with anger and rage. “All of your hatred… You killed thousands upon millions on a mere WHIM! And...” The rage turns to sadness. “And I am no better… ” Darkness swells around him, as if resonating from his own feelings. “I...” His eyes glow purple. “I won’t be forgiven, nor do I want anyone's forgiveness … but the only forgiveness you will get is DEATH!” He lifts his black spear and points it at the demon king.

Demon King looks at the spear and smiles. “Oooh? Think yourself all high and mighty. You’re like us Rije. A monster, an evil being bent on the destruction of the world! Join us! Lead us through the door so we can take control of the new world!”

A spark of black and purple shines through the Demon king, and Rije appears behind him “Sorry Demon King… OUR Evil… Dies here!” Rije flicks his wrist and purple lighting and shadow tentacles explode out of the demon king.

Demon king “GHAHHH!!! Wha- What?” He staggers from the single attack he could not follow. “You shouldn’t be this powerful! You are merely a reflection of her! How? HOW?”

Rije smiles, his eyes darken to pitch black. “When she gave up her forced form I absorbed it all, then my former master gave me all of his power… I AM THE VOID! ” Rije turns around and points his spear at the demon king “DIE!” Hundreds of black spears materialize in the air and slam into the demon king. Rije jumps up and unisons into his reverse tiger form and slams his spear into the Demon King. “WE Die NOW!” The white stripes across Rijes armor glow a dark purple. “REVERSE.”

Demon king shakes his head. “NO! If we die here! We die for good! There is no Escape!”

Rijes eyes fill with anger and rage. “Maybe you do… but my curse will keep me alive until the end. NOW DIE! REVERSE APOCALYPSE!” Rije explodes in a huge blast of black light and chaotic black lightning. Destroying the planet and Rije appears in the chair he sat before yet again.

Rije nods his head. “One down… six to go… why was one of the Pillars such a weakling… holding that section together?” A table with a map titled “Void” lies there in front of Rije and his chair. He walks over to it as a large section of the map begins to disappear. “Your first villain… it must have been that...” he sighs. “I will end this… this place won’t exist anymore… the world doesn’t need it.” He clutches his fist and shakes his head. Suddenly, a sharp pain hits him “GHAAA!!! ”

He falls out of his chair in pain and clutches his chest. “AH HAAA…. HA…. Damn I didn’t think it would hurt this much!” He slowly stands back up and notices he’s becoming incorporeal for a second then returns to normal. “I feel like something is missing...” He holds up his hand and attempts to use the purple lightning he had used in his assault against the demon king, but nothing happens.

Rije stares at his hand. “With every villain I annihilate will I lose a part of myself? I lost the power of darkness… so what else will I lose? And what do I still have?”

He limps over to the edge of the floating island his chair and table lies on. A portal opens and he walks through.

John W. Bradley III

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