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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Writing Down the Bones: Story Construction and Evaluation Pt 15 Sensual and General #editing

Sorry I didn't post this last week - I even had it written up but totally spaced when Tuesday rolled around, This is the last part of this particular handout. I'm going to combine the last two together because there is only a few question in each category. Enjoy.

First we're going to cover the sensual aspect of your book:

1.) Have you used all six senses?

2.) Have you described color, taste, smells, sounds, spatial relationships, mood, humor, deja vu, and tension?

Now we're going to look at the general things you should make sure are there:

1.) Have you shown instead of told?

2.) Have you removed any unnecessary words or phrases?

3.) Have you switched your view points as little as possible?

That's it for this handout. I hope what I posted has helped you.

New handout next week.

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