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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Writing Down the Bones: Interview Questions For Your Characters - The Secret Self

I found another great handout. This one is going to be hard to put in my own words because they are interview questions for your characters. The worst part is there is no author listed. I know it is from the 80-90's. So lets dive in. This is another one I'm going to break up into sessions so I don't overpower with too much info.

The Secret Self:

1.) What is your character keeping secret?

2.) What is your character lying about , ven if it only to themselves?

3.) How well does the character know themselves? Do they like themselves?

4.) What does your character secretly love?

5.) A casual acquaintance describes your character's personality? How would that discription be wrong? Why?

6.) In what situation is your character's self-esteem most at risk?

7.) In what sort of situation is your character scared?

8.) In what sort of situation is your character brave?

9.) How well do your character's friends know your character? Are they easy to know?

10.) What does your character's lover know about the character that no one else does? What kind of power does this give your character's lover?

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