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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thoughts: The Mayan Calendar

So the Mayan calendar ends today. It's the winter solstice and the galactic alignment. Big day for our planet and the galaxy.

I've been watching this stuff with a childlike wonder. What if? You know that is one of my favorite questions. It's what drives me to write the SF/Futuristic stories I do. I love it when science and old world beliefs merge. Too cool for words.

My mind is wondering what will happen. Will it be what the doomsday sayers are predicting? If so will the human race survive? My personal question is will I have power to use my laptop so I can continue to write? Or will I have to go to pen and paper. I'm ready either way.

Or will it be a shift in the way the planet sees things. The law of attraction and a world of enlightenment? I'm a bit of an optimist so I lean this way. My son has a wonderful imagination. He's hoping for superpowers where he can control fire. Personally, I want teleportation and an infinite life if I get a choice. Wonder if there will there be a line?

The great part is that the waiting is almost over. Oh, by the way Dec 21st is on the calender so we might have to wait until Dec 22nd for anything to happen.


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