Okay so it looks like I fell off the planet. Promise - I'm still here. The last two years have been ... hard. There's no other word for it. Everything is fine. I'm fine, but I've been the caregiver of my Mother-in-law and now I'm taking care of my mom. Between her needs, work, etc I seem to have lost control of my time. I am still writing and have made a few hard decisions.

I pulled my books from Mundania and have decided to to try to sell them through other publishers. I'm happy to say the 1st three books I sold to HSWF (now owned by Mundania) have been picked up by Melange Books and will be released through their Satin Books imprint. The rest I'm still working on.

I'll probably still be sporadic. Unless I win the lottery and can hire someone to help me I can't avoid it, but know I'm still here still working hard in the background and am hoping to do better at keeping my blog alive.


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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Writing Down the Bones: Ten things You need to Know About Editors (Whether You're Published or Not) part 1

Now we're going to work on the 10 Things You Should Know About Editors (Whether You're Published or Not) written by Paula Eykelhof (editor)

I'm one of those rarely spotted editors so this is going to be fun...I think. Also remember that this is from the 80's so this was before e-pubs became the norm. It was written for the brick and mortar and works for both.

1.) Please be professional. This goes without saying. That first impression via e-mail or in person is very important. This includes being reliable and courteous. When you submit make sure your manuscript is as clean as possible, use standard font like times new roman. Understand that your editor is there to help you. Don't take criticism personally. That's their job.

2.) Editors want to be treated professionally. Paula says that their not your career councilor, psychologist or parent.

3.)  Editors are extremely busy, normally doing lots of books simultaneously. Please respect their time. Understand that they will respond as quickly as they can.

4.) The next one shows its age to me. I conduct all my business as an editor and an author via e-mail. Anyway, everyone likes to be appreciated. If you get a personal letter of encouragement or one with constructive criticism and you want to thank them please do so. You can send a thank you note either through the mail or e-mail. I'd sent it via same way you had corresponded when you submitted.

5.) Editors should be treated with respect. You shouldn't gossip or say any negative things about any editor. Especially if you've never worked with them.

I hope to post the second half next week.

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