Okay so it looks like I fell off the planet. Promise - I'm still here. The last two years have been ... hard. There's no other word for it. Everything is fine. I'm fine, but I've been the caregiver of my Mother-in-law and now I'm taking care of my mom. Between her needs, work, etc I seem to have lost control of my time. I am still writing and have made a few hard decisions.

I pulled my books from Mundania and have decided to to try to sell them through other publishers. I'm happy to say the 1st three books I sold to HSWF (now owned by Mundania) have been picked up by Melange Books and will be released through their Satin Books imprint. The rest I'm still working on.

I'll probably still be sporadic. Unless I win the lottery and can hire someone to help me I can't avoid it, but know I'm still here still working hard in the background and am hoping to do better at keeping my blog alive.


Tink...tink...tink...anyone out there? Hi! I'm Barbara Donlon Bradley - Author - editor and slightly crazy - ask anyone in my family. I hope to use this blog to talk about writing, editing and whatever pops in my head. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

All hallows Eve @barbbradley #Halloween

I didn't schedule an author this time because of Halloween ... oh and yesterday was my birthday.

Today is All Hallows Eve, The day before All Souls Day. The day where the veil between the dead and the living is the thinnest.

Some people believe Halloween was created by the candy companies but the holiday has been around for centuries. My son just informed me it's the 666th anniversary of All Hallows Eve. I believe the candy companies figured out this would be a way to benefit and viola Halloween was born.

All Hallows Eve was originally a harvest festival known as Samhain, a Celtic holiday. Having Irish blood I consider myself Celtic. I've also been told I have druid blood in me so maybe that's why I like the holiday so much, or maybe I like it because it's so close to my birthday. When I tell people my birthday is Oct 30 I hear 'oh that's Halloween' a lot. I laugh and say 'no, I'm a prewitch' since I'm born the day before.

I do love this time of year. The crispness of the air, the changing of the leaves fills me with such joy and I need that right now. I've been watching all my favorite Halloween movies and waiting for the kids in the neighborhood to start trick-or-treating. I love their costumes and their happy faces. The best part, of course, is the left over candy. I try not to eat too much of it, but I always buy what I like so anything left over is for the family.

I think it's one of the reasons I love writing paranormal, fantasy, and SF. I always look for something in the shadows. My brain is wired to ask what if with a twist. Maybe it's my love for the holiday or my druid blood. 

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