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Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Thoughts: Spreading Yourself Too Thin

I think every writer does this at one time or another. I have a tendency to do it from time to time. In fact I'm doing it right now - it's not something I can't handle but I need to organize myself better or it will get the best of me.

Say it ain't so Barbara...

Yeah, I sometimes have a bit much on my plate. Right now the new group I belong to called the #RHACafe - you might have heard me talking about this in an earlier post - is working hard on getting our names out there. We have a great time and about once a month each of us host a day on our FB page. Mine is tomorrow.

I help edit the MFRW Newsletter - for those of you who don't know about this group and you're a writer you need to google them - or bing them - whatever works for you. They are a wonderful group of writer banning together to help each other learn about marketing and promoting your book(s), brand. There is no promoting on the loop and you can learn a lot.

I also sort of got volunteered to write an article once a month on marketing - for which I feel so clueless about but I'll give it a go and see how I do. Right now I'm trying to come up with a post- not sure what I'll write about and it's driving me a little nuts.

I'm trying to finish the edits on Stolen Desire. It is taking far too long and I want to pull my hair out. But I'll get there, I know it.

My latest WIP in the series is pushing hard for me to write it when I had hoped to write a nice little funny short for Melange Books, but the pushy WIP has forced me to put it on the back burner. I also have another story I want to dust off and work on but pushy WIP won't let me.

Now normally I can handle this. As you can see most of them is once a month - no big deal but when they all land on the same time frame I get a little um...crazy. Like now.

But the posts for RHACafe are ready for tomorrow and the newsletter is done so I can breathe for a second.

I even got a little writing done tonight!


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