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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random Thoughts:To Be Nominated!

Love Romance Cafe has their annual Reader Choice Awards going on and I have been nominated in three categories. Holy Cow! I got this warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach when it happened. I feel like I've finally made it.

Writing is a lonely business and you don't always know how people feel about your work. With the Vespian Way series I have gotten wonderful reviews from review sites as well as from readers but they've only been on two of the six books in the series. Like every other author I worry that the series is dying, that my readers have become bored with my characters. But to be nominated...well, to me that shows that people love your stories as much as you do.

The three categories my story - Hesitant Desire - is up for is Best Couple, which I totally agree - I love them. Best Alpha Male - again totally agree - love me some Storm and Best Cover. I love that cover too.

It's nice to feel loved. To know that others feel the way I do about my characters really makes me feel good and spurs me on to write more.

Thanks for the boost of confidence everyone!

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