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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Thoughts: Human life span vs Vespian Life span

I know I owe a writing down the bones segment, but I am dealing with something that has kept me from getting it done and I feel this deep urge to write about what is going on to help me clear my mind to get back to the matters at hand.

Hope you don't mind.

Right now I'm dealing with my eighty-five year old mother-in-law who took a spill last Thursday and bruised her hip real bad. Then five days later she tried to get up on her own, fell again and did a little more damage. The doctors call it a subtle fracture, it means rehab and an extended stay at a center until they think she can come back home.

What happened to growing old gracefully?

My hero, Storm, from the Vespian Way series, would be growling and snarling at this stage, refusing help and trying to do it on his own. Heather would have healed within a day or two.

When I first created my race of aliens I made them have a long life span. At least three hundred years. Storm is in his early fifties now, and has only lived one sixth of his life, but if he were human he would have lived half of his life already. Heather also will live a long time. I don't know how long yet because this is still developing in the series. She also has the ability to heal fast. Something that she wasn't even aware of until book six because of their modern technology.

I thought I gave them a longer life because I was creating an alien race but now I wonder if back in my mind I gave them such a long life span because of dealing with an elderly relative.

Is this my way of wishing for a long and healthy life? Do I write about the future because our technology isn't there for the elderly but my hope is it will be in the future? There is a part of us that wants to live forever, without the aging process interfering. Future technology could give that to us.

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