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Monday, October 22, 2012

more writing down the bones

So my rough draft - and that is what it is - is my characters talking. I think that is why I can fly by the seat of my pants so to speak. Dialogue is very easy for me so that is what I start with. My characters talk and I listen to them. They sometimes know the plot better than I do. It's uncanny how I can write, knowing my beginning and my end but the middle part will be murky yet I always get where I want to go and have never had to throw out anything. I've had to rewrite scenes in a major way once that draft is written or moved a few scenes around but for the most part my stories just flow.

I don't worry about if I used the perfect word, or if I have fleshed out the scene enough. I have time to worry about that later. That's for my revisions or edits. Right now I'm letting everything flow. I know the beginning of my story and the end of my story. It's the middle that might be a bit murky and that is where the fun is for me. My characters know where the story is going to go as well as I do and we go on a grand adventure to get to the end.

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