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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Writing in layers

I'm what they call a pantser. I don't plot out my story before I start writing. To me that takes away form the joy of writing. I seem to write from beginning to end. That is the way all my stories come to me. Have I had scenes pop in my head out of sequence? Sure. But they normally stay in the back of my head waiting for their turn. I think that is what makes some of my scenes so visual. The longer they sit the more detailed they come out.

You see I write the bones of the story first. Mostly all dialog with a few descriptions if I have them. That is my rough draft. Then I go back and read the book to make sure it flows, you connected all the dots. Add scenes if I need them. Then I go through again to flush it out the way it should be. Then I go through one or two more times to give it a good polish.

Each of us have a different way of doing things and this one seems to work the best for me.

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