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Sunday, March 4, 2012


A couple of years ago I had a a fellow author tell me he thought I was amazing because I juggled so much yet found time to write. I sure didn't feel amazing. I remember weeks when I was too tired or too busy dealing with things at home or work to open up my manuscript and it bothered me. I wanted to write but couldn't.

Then I realized that I hadn't recharged my battery so to speak. Sometime you need to just stop and give yourself a moment to breathe. I find going to visit my sister does that for me. I am lucky if I write anything. but it is okay because I get to leave everything behind for a while and just enjoy the moment. It lets everything cook on the back burner. I'm not brow beating myself trying to work out something, even though my subconscious is looking for the solution to my dilemma, and normally finds it so much better when I'm not in the way.

 Going to the beach does this for me too. There is something about the sun, sand, saltwater and suntan lotion that makes me allow the world to slow down for a little while.

So where do you recharge your battery? It would be interesting to hear what other do to keep their muse going.

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